Carol Pascoal

My name is Ana Carolina Ferreira but everyone knows me as Carol Pascoal. My dad’s name is Pascoal, and people often believed this to be my surname so I just went along with it. Has a good sound to it, no?

I was born in Brazil but have a strong Italian background because of my family. So in 2005, I decided to move to Italy, where I stayed for two years before finally moving to the UK.

I have always been a curious individual and natural explorer. Since I was a little kid I have dreamed about travelling the world and living in different places. I just never imagined that I would be away for so long!

In the last 15 years, I have reinvented myself, started a new career, lived in 3 countries and a fair amount of cities, but London is where I call home.

I have a degree in Visual Merchandising & Fashion business which led me to work with the niche luxury market of Swiss watches & Jewellery. It's definitely a job that requires some travelling, so I have seen most of the UK & Ireland and a bunch of European countries. And I have enjoyed every little bit of it.

Feeling like I should put all this experience out in the world, In 2014 I launched the “Na mala com Carol” (inside Carol’s suitcase in Brazilian Portuguese), a travel & lifestyle blog which brought me so much joy and left me seeking even more contact with tourism and travellers alike.  


That's how Claremont Villas was born: I started to offer accommodation and experiences for visitors coming to London. Since then I have hosted more than 1000 trips for people from all over the globe which gave me the confidence to continue to invest in my passion for hosting, travelling and sharing experiences.

In all my projects I have the opportunity to be creative and really share my signature in style, design and skills. I love fashion but I'm all up for sustainability. I love going to the fantastic restaurants London can offer but I'm also super into cooking everything from scratch. 


I work with luxury retailers and department stores here in the UK, so my Personal Shopping services are as broad as they can be! Since I can never stay home I have also an infinite list of tours & experiences locked in my head and I really want to share them with other London lovers.


Staying in one of my homes will give you the opportunity to explore London like a real Londoner - and to have a tailored stay up to your expectations. I know how it is to be in a new city, how to tourist and how to travel for work, so I want to offer you my experience for you to enjoy your London stay as much as I do.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Ana Ferreira, AKA Carol Pascoal 

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London, SE1 4UX