How to find us

2 Claremont Villas, Southampton Way, SE57SS, London, UK

Sometimes, Google Maps doesn't work properly in London. We have several streets with similar names so that can get confusing. The best way to look for addresses in the UK it's by using postcodes 

Type in our postcode (SE57SS) as a reference and it will bring you to our door quite easily!

If you are driving in or coming by cab, use these directions:

"The flat is on 2 Claremont Villas on Southampton Way - not on 2 Southampton Way (which is up the road) - at the corner of Southampton Way and Cottage Green, by the traffic light. Two doors away from tyre shop!"

To travel via public transport in London you can get an Oyster Card - it can be purchased in the airports, underground stations and some authorised shops. It will help you save a lot of money and move around quicker! 


The Oyster Card can be used in any public transport in London. 

Prices for a single journey on the London Tube and busses vary but be prepared to pay between £2 and £5 if you are paying cash. You can also use your contactless card to pay for tickets at the entry gates. 

*after the Corona Vírus outbreak, paying cash for London busses it's no longer permitted. 

Check more information on the Transport for London website. 


If you need any further clarification about how to get around in London, feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to help you.

If you are coming on the tube, get off at Elephant & Castle station and take the shopping centre exit.

Outside the station, catch the bus 343 towards New Cross Gate.  

Get off at St. Georges Way/Burgess Park stop which is right after the Elephant & Castle stop. You will be at Wells Way Street.


Cross the road, pass by another bus stop and turn right at Cottage Green Street. Walk a bit towards the end of the road and turn right again at Southampton Way, at the tyre shop. The flat will be two doors away on your right side!

You will see our black gate. 

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